Grief strikes following Peggy's funeral as Henry snaps at Amos. Bob arrives and offers Matt a job that would be hard to turn down.


In The Woolpack, Henry is depressed after attending Peggy's funeral. Amos wonders about the twins and tries to fish for information from him. Henry shouts at him and leaves. The funeral tea is a sombre affair as no one knows what to say. Janie and Frank discuss Annie looking after the babies. Janie wants to help but doesn't want to interfere. Jack helps out on the farm. Matt brings his stuff back over to Emmerdale Farm, he and Annie discuss Peggy, she tells him he was a good husband to her. A man, Bob Molesworth, arrives at The Woolpack asking after Matt. Bob says that Matt used to work for him until he married Peggy. He's shocked to find out that Peggy has just died. He tells Henry that he works for Blackfell Farm Federation near Settle. Henry tells Bob that he is Managing Director of Emmerdale Farm Ltd and that he does not want him poaching Matt. He asks Amos if he can have a room for the night. The following day, Bob calls to see Matt and apologises for calling at a sad time. He informs Matt about Blackthorn Management Ltd whereby four farmers got together and formed the company, he offers Matt the job of Farm Manager. Matt agrees to think about it.


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