When villainous Tom catches Joe drinking with his wife, he begins a fight with Joe.


Peggy is curious to know what Jack has been doing in London as he seems to be quite well off. Henry is disappointed with Marian's cooking and decides to go to The Feathers Country Hotel tonight. Marian says she won't be going as she's going to a theatre in Leeds with Alec. Henry suggests inviting Jack up for a drink inconspicuously so he can talk to him about the right of way. Ruth Merrick, an old flame of Jack's asks Joe about him in The Woolpack. Joe gets involved in an argument with Ruth's husband, Tom Merrick, who gets the wrong idea when he sees Ruth and Joe drinking together, leading to a fight in The Woolpack. Matt gets an interview with the factory in Bradford, but he shares his concerns with Peggy of living in the city. Jack expresses his discomfort of sleeping on the sofa, Sam offers him his bed for the night. Jack pays Matt and Joe's wages in cash. Marian invites Jack for a drink. Henry tells him that he's changed his mind over the right of way but insists the entrance to Inglebrook House by the main road is dangerous. Jack receives a phone call from Annie and rushes off. Henry wants to take Marian to The Feathers tonight. Jack receives a telegram and rushes off to The Feathers.


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