Samuel is christened and all goes well, except for Amos. Meanwhile, Donald and Annie are infuriated to hear about Joe and Barbara's relationship so soon after the breakdown of Barbara's marriage.


It's the day of Samuel's christening and Matt and Jessie are at a loose end as Dolly takes charge of everything. Jessie calls over to see Joe and finds Barbara at his kitchen table in her dressing gown. Pat is ecstatic with Sam's pen for Annabel. Friends and family gather at the church for the christening. Amos continues to pretend he has a bad back and sneaks out of the christening early to open the pub. As he unlocks the pub doors for Walter, he splits his trousers even more and is forced to walk awkwardly around the pub. Annie invites Barbara along with the rest of the family for the party. Joe and Barbara head to the pub first. Alan causes a scene as he yells at Joe over the bills he's received. Barbara suggests he take a holiday. Seth, Jackie, Henry and Donald arrive for the celebration at the farmhouse. Joe and Barbara pull up outside and she worries about seeing her dad. Annie is shocked when Jessie tells her that she met Joe's girlfriend, Barbara, this morning. She tells Jessie that Barbara is Donald's daughter - and married. When Joe and Barbara arrive, Annie drags Joe off for a word and shows her disapproval. Inside, Donald voices his own disapproval to Barbara having found out about Joe and Barbara. As the guests go up to look at Pat's goat, Donald finds Annie alone in the farmhouse and they both admit they don't know what to do. Amos introduces himself to Annabel but his hat falls into her pen and she begins eating it.


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Seth Armstrong: "Not gone to church then?"
Jackie Merrick: "No, someone's got to stay behind."
Seth Armstrong: "I've not been since I were married. And that were a mistake."

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