Faith has loaned the Dingles her key to Pollard's Barn for the day so they can use the facilities. Zak suggests they should get another key cut before they hand it back. It's the day of Chrissie and Lawrence's funeral and Lachlan is on edge. Rhona tries to persuade Bernice to offer her hair and beauty skills at the auction but Bernice is attending the funeral. Graham wonders why Joe is staying in a village where he's hated. Joe explains he feels close to Chris here plus he's determined to get to know Noah. Everyone's busy at the pub preparing for the skills auction. Rhona manages to rope in Pete to stand for auction at the last minute whilst Vanessa flirts with Charity over the bar. Lachlan intercepts the delivery of Gerry's phone from the repair shop but Gerry catches him. When Gerry takes the phone inside to charge, Lachlan rubs some dirt on his suit jacket. Bob confides in Doug and Daz that since Brenda learned of his one-night stand, they've not been intimate. Daz suggests Bob needs to make Brenda feel good about herself and Doug adds she'll need some tender loving care. Lachlan watches as Gerry put his keys to the Mill in his jacket pocket then asks to switch suit jackets due to the dirt marks. Gerry reluctantly agrees. The skills auction gets underway with Jessie's tutoring session first up. After some interference from Paddy, Marlon ends up accidentally securing the winning bid. Harriet conducts Chrissie and Lawrence's funeral service. Lachlan struggles to hold back the tears as he says a few words. He addresses Chrissie and Lawrence, telling them he never realised how much he loved them before. Lachlan talks about mistakes that it's now too late to put right and ends up exiting the church in tears. Belle wants to go after Lachlan but Lisa stops her. Joe infuriates Charity by introducing himself to Noah. Charity orders Joe to stay away from Noah. Graham suggest Joe would have a better chance of getting to know his younger brother by building a few bridges with the Dingles. Lachlan lets himself in to the Mill using Gerry's keys. He finds Gerry's phone and plays the voicemail. The skills auction continues. Vanessa is upset Charity didn't bid for her. Frank won the bidding for Doug, but instead of using his gardening expertise, Frank asks Doug to do a shift in the shop so he can have the afternoon off. Vanessa encourages Rhona to prove she's over Paddy by bidding on Pete. After seeing Paddy and Chas together, Rhona decides to bid for Pete and wins. As Rhona doesn't need a handyman, Pete suggests they go for a drink. Belle and Gerry find Lachlan at the Mill listening to the voicemail. As Bob is out of her sight, Brenda fears he's seeing his other woman again. Kerry insists Brenda can't keep doing this to herself and advises her to work out what she wants. Lachlan is forced to hand the phone back to Gerry. Gerry can see Lachlan doesn't want to hand it over so suggests if the voicemail is so important, the three of them should listen to it together...


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