Janie helps out the Sugdens by looking after the twins. Henry's businessman side comes out and Annie calls him insensitive.


Henry asks Matt what was discussed with Molesworth; Matt doesn't want to talk about it. Henry says he has been making enquiries into Peggy's shares, he tells Matt that has inherited up to five thousand pounds and the twins get the rest. He wants to discuss Matt having a seat on the board of Emmerdale Farm Ltd. Annie tends to Jacob and Peggy's graves. Janie sees her and asks if she can help look after the twins. Annie breaks down at Janie's kindness. Wilks talks to Annie about Matt, saying he might be leaving the farm. Henry thinks that they should offer Matt Peggy's seat on the board. Annie is upset and Matt's unimpressed when Henry proposes the idea to him. Annie accuses Henry of being insensitive. He offers to resign but warns Annie not to let Matt go. Frank invites Matt for a game of dominoes. Jack receives a call asking him to go to London in relation to his film; he refuses. Molesworth asks Amos to stay on an extra night in The Woolpack. Henry bumps into him and discusses his operation. Frank can't find his dominoes when everyone arrives, so they leave for a game in The Woolpack. Janie finds them in there and is furious.


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