Clare tells Amy that she can no longer run the shop, whilst Mr Lodz talks to Jack about turning his book into a film.


Amy has been to look at Peggy's grave. Henry spots her and gives her a lift. He's concerned about her and takes her to Dr. Scott. Jack helps out on the farm and cuts himself. Frank asks Janie why Carol walked out of The Woolpack when Joe walked in. Janie quizzes him on his past girlfriends and he talks about a girl called Morag at school he kissed once; her father was George Verney's gamekeeper. The brewery has been taken over and Amos has to go on a course in York. Dr. Scott has told Amy that she has to give up running the village shop; Alison will take over for a while. Joe's excited when Henry says he can borrow his car to take Amy to Leeds railway station. Matt thinks Jack's cut is infected and advises him to see Dr. Scott. Instead, he arranges a meeting with a man named Lodz in The Woolpack. When Lodz arrives, Amos mistakes him for a man from the new brewery. Wilks asks Jack to take over the farm accounts; Jack isn't keen. Lodz wants Jack to write a screenplay of his book. Jack's cynical. Lodz is keen to make a deal. Frank asks Joe to join him, Janie and Carol for a drink. Jack takes Lodz back to the millhouse and tries to explain that he is not happy with the writing world and that he feels it's all false. Lodz calls him a small minded peasant who is full of his own integrity. Jack admires him for his straight talking and agrees to go to London with him.


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