Graham spirals out of control, but will Moira and Cain's attempts to help him make things worse? Meanwhile, Victoria has a date, and Ellis mistakenly believes it's him. Also, Manpreet manages to get through to Rishi.


Graham wakes up and tells Priya not to come into work but tells her to pick something up and take it to Debbie. He begins drinking again. David has broken his toe after playing football with Jacob. David teases Jacob but Jacob snaps at him. Marlon tries to help Ellis get a date with Victoria, but embarrasses him. Priya hands Debbie a letter - it's an eviction notice. Graham drinks all the whiskey in Home Farm and throws a bottle in his rage. He cuts his hand. Victoria informs Matty about her date. Marlon assumes it's with Ellis. Moira lets Debbie stay at Butlers Farm, Cain is furious about the eviction. Moira decides to confront Graham. Rishi is upset about "Dishy Rishi" and snaps at Rodney. Marlon thinks Ellis has a date with Victoria so now Ellis does too. Moira arrives at Home Farm and finds a broken glass, a bloody cloth and no sign of Graham. Priya is shocked to find a drunken Graham walking down a country lane. David is confused when Jacob is still in a bad mood. Bob buys his groceries to from the bargain bin. Upon hearing that Debbie has been evicted, Charity offers to defecate on the floor of Jacobs Fold to get revenge on Kim. Debbie is disgusted. Manpreet tries to convince Rishi the people on the internet making fun of him aren't worth his time. Ellis and Marlon are shocked when it turns out Leon is Victoria's date. Maya helps Jacob with his history work. Charity refuses to serve Graham and Cain tries to help him, but Graham walks out. Cain goes after him. Cain warns Graham to sort himself out, but Graham tells Cain he doesn't take advice from him.


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