Leyla discovers Clive and Frank's con, whilst Nicola and Rodney make up. Also, Jacob tries to make Maya jealous.


Jimmy forces Nicola to go Rodney's detox night. Clive asks Tracy if there are any spare rooms at the B&B. Jacob tries to talk to Maya but she walks out. Jacob tries to make Maya jealous by telling David that he's going out with Liv. Clive tells Frank that he's booked the room. Brenda asks Bob if he's got a solicitor yet, and tells him that the twins trip needs paying for - £2000. Leyla tells Tracy that she thinks Clive is having an affair with Eleanor. Tracy tells her that Clive booked a room at B&B, when Leyla recalls Clive saying he's on business all day, she decides to confront him. Jacob lies to Liv that David doesn't think they're going out together. Leyla storms into Clive's room and confronts him and gets the wrong idea when Frank walks in, but spots the painting and demands what's going on. Frank lies that the painting is a surprise for Megan, but Clive comes clean to Leyla. Leyla is upset and is furious when she discovers Clive isn't a businessman. David tells Jacob to "think twice" when going out with Liv, but Jacob snaps and storms out. Only Nicola, Jimmy, Bernice and Tracy turn up to Rodney's detox night. Rodney makes clear he has forgiven Jimmy and Bernice but not her and loses it with Nicola. Jacob lies to David and Maya that their relationship is serious and they're having sex. Marlon tells Bob he's a bit full on with the tip jar. Bob lies that he's getting on fine financially. Nicola makes it up to Rodney, she says the family have missed Rodney. Frank and Clive convince Leyla they're doing the con for the right reasons, but Clive puts his foot in it and she throws him out.


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