Jessie says her last goodbyes to her husband. Leyla tricks Clive and leaves him stranded.


Leanna and Gabby plan on how they can try split up Liam and Bernice. April makes Marlon breakfast to try cheer him up. She reassures him that even if his girlfriends leave, she will be there. She is cool towards Jessie when she comes to see Marlon. Eric and Rodney are hungover. Frank worries about Megan not getting her car back. Jessie asks Marlon if he will scatter her late husband's ashes with her. Faith is angry at Eric for missing their lunch date and Diane gets him to give her money to treat herself at the salon. Gabby tries to put Liam off Bernice. Leyla phones Clive to tell him she's changed her mind about Istanbul. Leanna tries to put Bernice off Liam. Leyla makes it up with Clive and they are reconciled. She is suspicious when Clive says they need to take the ferry. Frank tries to contact Leyla from the airport but to no avail. She makes Clive stop the car as she needs a wee. She tricks him and speeds off in the car, leaving him stranded. Jessie and Marlon try find a perfect location to scatter Evan's ashes. Leanna can't help but giggle when Bernice makes a fool of herself in front of Liam. Bernice is absolutely mortified and Gabby is angry at Leanna. Jessie tells Marlon that she thinks the menu doesn't do justice so she sketched out a variation, and turns around the board that reads "I love you Marlon Dingle". They kiss. Faith assures Chas that she's there for her whenever she needs it. Eric tries to make it up to Faith but Faith gives him an ultimatum - one of them has to leave tomorrow, her or Rodney. Frank is relieved when Leyla returns with Megan's car. Megan confronts Frank as Clive has revealed all to her. She tells him they're finished.


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