Rodney apologises to Eric. Eric gives Bob the bill for his room at The Grange. Jacob is cold towards Maya. Bob prepares to ask Rodney to borrow money but he is interrupted by the arrival of Brenda and the twins. Everyone keeps mistaking Bob's elf costume for a leprechaun. Bernice and Nicola row in the cafe and Bernice refuses to call a truce. Marlon has prepared the buffet for the wedding. Jessie tells Marlon to go have a stag do with Sam. Lydia gives Sam some money to enjoy a night out with Marlon. Bob doesn't get along with the Santa. He considers stealing one of the presents but doesn't go through with it. Charity angrily tells the brewery to hurry up, and is confused with Marlon's overly cheerful behaviour. Gabby is confused when Jacob avoids her. Jessie's family keeps letting her down over the wedding. Belle arrives home and informs the Dingles that Zak and Lisa have decided to stay longer in Scotland to reconnect. Jessie thinks the wedding should be cancelled and decides the wedding is off. The others try to convince Jessie to change her mind. Marlon and Sam are blind drunk in The Woolpack. Charity is horrified to see them drinking beer straight from the beer pulls. Gabby confronts Jacob and is further confused when he asks her to forget everything that happened last night. The security guard informs Bob that his car his been illegally parked and has been towed. Bernice accuses Jacob of using Gabby and David assures her he will have words with Jacob. Bob opens a present, a watch. He phones a pawnbrokers. Kerry refuses to speak to Dan but Diane forces them to talk. David throws Marlon and Sam out of the shop. Jacob thinks his first time should have been with Maya and she is left worried when he tells her he can't do any of this and walks out. Amelia is delighted when Kerry returns to Dale View. Marlon and Sam continue their search for beer in the back of a brewery truck, which has been left open. Jessie is touched when April says if she could choose her family, she would choose this one, and the wedding is her favourite Christmas present. Marlon and Sam have passed out in the back of the van and locks it up. The Drayman complains to Charity about the drive to Bristol before driving off, unaware that Sam and Marlon have stowed away in the van.


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