Debbie has slept the night in her car. She gets upset when she gets another phone call from Cain. Moira is disappointed that Cain told Debbie. Jacob and Maya are interrupted by Tracy and Jacob leaves disappointed. Debbie visits Graham and tells him there's something she needs to stay. Maya forgets her phone in the shop. Charity asks Chas to accompany her to the shops. Debbie tells Graham that Joe is dead and that Cain killed him. Sam refuses to let Belle inside and she and Lydia are suspicious. They are even more suspicious when they see Rhona leaving and Sam tells them to wait outside. Graham tells Debbie that Cain might be lying, however she believes Cain. Moira is furious with Cain. Sam introduces Sam and Lydia to "Spamela Hamderson" the pig. Cain turns up at Home Farm after being called by Graham. Debbie realises Graham already knew, and that he was there when Joe died. Cain tries to explain but Debbie explodes. She bursts into tears and asks Graham what he did to help Joe. She demands to see his body. Cain tells Debbie Joe was never going to marry her. Sam puts Samson's old babygrow on Spamela. Jacob tells Maya that he feels ignored by her. Jacob tells Maya that he sent a more "grown up" picture but Maya realises she has lost her phone. She then realises it's in the shop and races off. Debbie tells Cain that everything he's done recently now makes sense - he was trying to cover his tracks. Tracy spots Charity holding a ring, and Charity and Chas threaten her into keeping secret. Tracy is extremely excited. Maya snatches her phone from Amba. Debbie agrees to return home with Cain, but she tells him that she'll never forgive him and that she won't keep their secret.


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