Debbie rejects a call from Charity. Sarah is confused by Debbie's behaviour, as is Faith. Graham visits Cain to discuss how they're going to keep Debbie quiet. Jacob is annoyed with Maya's coldness. Graham tells Cain not to make him regret not selling him out. Moira thinks Debbie might listen to her. David thinks Priya is being overdramatic over Maya snatching her phone from Amba. David begins to think Maya is having an affair. Tracy and Chas don't like Charity's proposal plan. David is cold towards Maya, and confronts her over her phone. Debbie reluctantly lets Moira in. She works out that Moira visited to stick up for Cain. Moira inadvertently tells Debbie that she's known all along and explodes., telling her to leave. Maya, having deleted her messages with Jacob, gives David her phone. He apologises to her. Cain regrets telling Debbie. Debbie arrives to get the rest of their things and Cain tries to stop her. Debbie disowns Cain. Charity worries Tracy is about to reveal the surprise to Vanessa. Cain snaps at Debbie and begins to smash the kitchen up. When Moira tries to stop him, he pins her to the fridge as Matty walks in. Tracy tells Charity she needs to up her game if she doesn't want to risk Vanessa to say no. Matty confronts Cain and comforts Moira. Matty asks Cain what he's done to Debbie. Cain pins Matty to the wall before punching a hole in the wall. Maya makes Jacob realise that Maya is cheating on David and that they need to end their relationship before David finds out. Moira convinces Matty to let her and Cain talk. Cain brings up Moira killing Emma. Moira tells him that she's done and is going to visit Nana Barton after all.


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