Harriet is relieved when she finds Dawn outside the shop, worried she may have gone after Lucas. She tells Harriet that if she takes Lucas, there's nowhere she can go. Jimmy is in a mood with Robert. Jai tells Priya that he's suspicious of Manpreet after yesterday. Jacob is still cold towards Maya and turns down a lift. Jimmy is still furious with Nicola and explodes at her before storming off. Harriet thanks Ryan for comforting Dawn. He is shocked when he learns Lucas was going to get adopted as she didn't tell him. Liv tells Belle that she thinks she likes Jacob, but is unsure on how to tell her. Manpreet is amused by the key-ring Rishi has gotten her. Manpreet is surprised when one of her cards gets declined. Liv convinces Robert and Aaron to go out, pretending that she wants to study. Maya watches Liv invite Jacob into Mill Cottage. Liv meets with Sally and apologises. She tries to explore her options regarding disputing the order. She knocks Sally's coffee, which spills on her. As Sally goes to get cleaned up, she goes onto Sally's computer and gets Lucas's address and the names of his foster parents, Emilie and Niall Braxton. Jacob worries when he accidentally offends Liv but she tells him it's fine. Harriet confronts Dawn and worries about her. Dawn asks her to back off. Liv tells Jacob that she's starting to like him. Jacob is flattered. Bernice avoids Nicola, and Robert comforts her. Manpreet is furious with the bank. Jai is suspicious when Manpreet tells her to keep the declined card a secret. Maya tells Robert and Aaron that she saw Jacob go into Mill Cottage, and that it looks like they're on a date. Aaron bursts in on Jacob with his arm around Liv. Aaron forcefully throws him out, moving Robert out of the way. Liv is furious with Aaron and says she'll never forgive him. Maya hides as Jacob walks past, and is pleased with herself.


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