Matt has some words with Harry and Dolly is infuriated with how he gets his revenge. Meanwhile, Jackie, Archie and Mike plan to earn some cash making dodgy deals.


Jackie is putting in more work at the farm, much to Jack's and Matt's amusement. Dolly has decided to start working at the village playgroup three mornings per week, and she hs signed Matt up to be Father Christmas. Alan doesn't know how to work his new computer, but he doesn't want his superiors to know that so he avoids their phone calls. Pat is disappointed that Sandie hasn't come home for Christmas, and she wants to go to Aberdeen to visit her. John manages to get Alan to keep Jock employed for a few weeks more, claiming he needs the extra help. Matt goes to the quarry to talk to Harry about the delivery of stones that he promised. He's not impressed with the way Harry is treating his dog which irritates him. Harry says what he does with his dog is his business. Jackie goes to Hotten to meet his friends, and they say they've found a way to make a little money, by working for Harry doing shady deals. Amos and Donald are producing the Christmas concert, and Amos is against letting Seth take part. Harry delivers the promised stone to Emmerdale Farm, in the yard right in front of the house since no-one is home. When Dolly arrives she tries to stop him, but to no avail.


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  • The man who stops Matt Skilbeck driving through Harry Mowlam's quarry before the explosion is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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