Marlon calls in sick at work to go meet Bear Wolf. Laurel is rushed off her feet and is relieved when Doug helps. Arthur complains of feeling ill and goes to throw up. Graham anonymously phones the police, putting on an accent, telling them to go to Barton and Dingle Automotives. Jessie struggles to keep Marlon's lie. Jacob misses the bus and David has to give him a lift. He ignores a call from Liv. Matty searches for apartments online. Moira arrives to talk to Matty, so Victoria and Ellis leave. Paddy visits Marlon to check on him but notices his shirt and is absolutely furious. Cain offers Debbie a job at the garage but she rejects. The police arrive and search the garage with a warrant. Paddy tells Marlon that Chas doesn't need him going on about his dad. Marlon gets Paddy to tell him how he really feels. Moira and Matty get talking and Moira reminds him that she's always there for him. Jacob tells Maya that he's breaking up with Liv, as he won't use her. Laurel wants Doug to babysit Arthur tomorrow too and Brenda is put out. Paddy wonders if his father knew about not being his dad all along. Marlon tries to reassure him, and convinces Paddy to go to the convention with him. Cain pays Graham a visit and confronts him with Joe's bloody watch. Graham tells Cain that he's covered his own back, and the police are desperate to catch Cain. Cain threatens to kill Graham.


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  • A customer of David's Shop is uncredited despite a line of dialogue.
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