Amos meets his temporary replacement at The Woolpack, whilst Joe is shocked when Carol makes a declaration of love to him.


Joe helps Amy into Henry's car. Carol offers to help him by coming to Leeds; he accepts. Alison is on her own looking after the shop, she doesn't know where anything is. Joe and Carol drop Amy off at the station. Carol persuades him to stop for a sandwich and they have a picnic by a stream. An Irishman, Mick Cavan, arrives at The Woolpack claiming he is Amos's replacement while he is on a course in York. Amos is confused so Mick encourages him to complain to the brewery as he helps himself to a pint. Joe and Carol have been for a paddle in the stream. Joe is worried what people will think, he seems to feel a bit uncomfortable being so close to Carol but he talks to Carol and they kiss. Mick wants to help Amos in the pub tonight to introduce himself to the customers, he mentions Amos could take a few hours off tomorrow night too as this way he would be settled in by then. He assures Amos that he can cope, stating that he ran a pub in the rough part of Liverpool and used to be a jockey. Joe is surprised when Carol tells him that she loves him. Amos surprises Alison by asking her out for a drink tomorrow night in The Malt Shovel; she agrees. Carol is in a strange mood when she goes to see Alison in the shop and is vague about her day with Joe. Molesworth arrives in The Woolpack to talk to Matt about his job offer.


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