Megan tells Diane that Graham is taking her and Eliza on a holiday. Faith and Eric argue and Kerry and Faith snap at each other in the cafe.Jacob feels guilty about what he said to David. David tells Leyla that he thinks Jacob stole the earrings. Chas makes a special breakfast to tell Paddy the news but Vanessa interrupts. Pete breaks the news to Moira that the vets surgery wants to sue the farm. Liam tells Bernice about wanting to buy a house on the other side of Hotten. Gabby and Leanna argue outside the cafe. Cain refuses to allow Amy to see Kyle. Amy tells Cain that she wants to get to know Kyle, but it's between them and Faith and Kerry shouldn't get a say. She also tells him that she doesn't want to take Kyle from him. Chas suddenly tells Paddy that she's pregnant, in the heat of the moment. Paddy bursts into tears and is overjoyed. David shows Maya the earring he found and she becomes nervous. He asks why it was there and she acts offended, but he becomes suspicious. Maya snaps at David, telling him that when he saw Amy, he completely blanked her, and tells him that he needs to work out what he wants. Eric talks to Faith and tells her that Kyle is going nowhere. She agrees to a truce. Moira tries to talk Paddy, Vanessa and Belle out of suing the farm, but fails. She is annoyed when Pete points out that he should be with Rhona, not against her. Maya agrees to forget their argument ever happened. The girls are furious that they have to move in together, and Diane isn't pleased either. Moira asks Chas to talk to Paddy but she refuses. Pete learns that Rhona will be discharged tomorrow. Moira tries to get Pete to talk to Rhona. Pete refuses but Moira tells him that if they win, she loses everything.


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