Jackie, Mike and Archie plan to get their own backs on Harry, whilst Matt discovers he is being sued by Harry.


Jackie, Mike and Archie confront Harry about the money he owes them, but he just laughs at them. They try to stand up to Harry but he chases them away and they all quickly run off, scared. Pat keeps worrying about Sandie and wishes she was back at the farm so she could help her get over the baby. Amos is still upset about the Christmas concert, even though Donald tries to tell him it was a success. Matt is being sued by Harry for taking his dog away. Dolly assures him it will be fine. Jock is angry that John hasn't been able to live up to his promise of getting Jock his job back. Alan gets a call from Christopher Meadows, his boss at NY Estates. He wants Alan to send over some statistics regarding Home Farm, but Alan still hasn't learned to work with the computer. Mike, Jackie and Archie plan to get even with Harry, by stealing a motorbike from him and asking for money to return it. But when they go to do it they don't have the nerve to go through with it. John talks to Matt about him working for Alan part-time, thereby taking a job from someone else. Matt brings this up with Alan who promises to talk to John. He tells Matt that what John says is not true. Henry thinks Amos is acting more peculiar than usual. Dolly suggests to Matt that he perhaps should take Harry's dog to the RSPCA.


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