Jackie narrowly avoids an accident on his motorbike - but who tried to knock him down? Meanwhile, Amos is in heaven at the health farm.


Seth is determined to find out where Amos is going, and Amos takes great delight in teasing him about it. Donald gets worried about Alan after some remarks by Seth that he is at Home Farm in person, but not in other ways. Alan refuses to admit to John that Matt has quit, but is not believed. John says that the men won't allow any more part-time help and they won't increase their own workload, so Alan has to hire someone to look after the sheep, and John thinks it should be Jock. After he leaves Alan pours himself a drink and ignore the ringing phone. Jackie has fixed up the motorbike they got from Harry, and Mike has found a buyer, Ernie. Donald visits Alan to see how he's doing, but Alan is offended by what he sees as interfering. Henry drives Amos to the health farm, where Amos soon tries the different activities, including a massage, and promptly falls asleep. Matt has been to see a solicitor about his chances against Harry, and it doesn't look good. Annie assures him that if he needs money to pay for it he only has to ask. The motorbike breaks down soon after Ernie buys it, and he's not happy. Alan tries to place a bet over the phone but is told his betting account is closed due to unpaid debts. Jack sees Jackie with a lot of money in The Woolpack and asks where he's got it from. He tells him about the sale of the bike, while Harry is listening. Alan gets too drunk and Jack takes him home. When Jackie is leaving a car drives straight at him and Jackie falls off his motorbike whilst swerving out of the way. Henry has seen the whole thing.


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