Bob tries to talk Matt round to accepting the farm manager job. Amos and Alison row as Amos accuses her of playing off him and Henry.


Alison has reorganised the shop. Joe bumps in Carol in the shop. Molesworth tries to talk Matt round. He doesn't want the responsibility but tells Molesworth he'll think about the job. Henry finds leaves in his car and realises Carol and Joe must have stopped off somewhere. Joe tells Matt that Verney wants him to play in the cricket match against Robblesfield. Mick calls into the shop to buy some batteries but Alison can't find any, they introduce themselves to each other. Bob tries to get in touch with Henry, he goes to the farm. Sam detains him by boasting about Sam and Sally, but takes offence when Bob asks who looks after the twins. A brewery representative phones Amos to say that he may be calling over the weekend. Amos decides he can't leave the pub now, he has to cancel his drink with Alison and is bitter when she makes it clear she didn't see it as a proper date anyway. He accuses her of playing him off against Henry. Alison is offended and shouts at him. Bob suggests to Matt that he organise some childcare for him.


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