Tracy regrets not going to see Frank. Amy has spent the night with a concerned Victoria. Leyla tries to encourage Megan to take more time off work but she needs to keep busy. Victoria apologises to Robert and Aaron for her outburst yesterday and gives them her blessing to continue the surrogacy. Tracy becomes emotional in the café when Frank's favourite song plays. Jai tells Laurel that he wouldn't think less of her if she decided she wanted to walk away from their relationship. Laurel insists he's not getting rid of her. Debbie tells Charity she's moving to Scotland. Kerry tries to console a sobbing Tracy who asks her to accompany her to see her dad. Debbie explains to Charity her reasoning for moving and how Sarah wants to stay in the village. Megan accuses Jai of being heartless and only caring about the factory. Tracy is refused access to see Frank. Amy tries to encourage a confused Vanessa not to think anything less of her father due to his past. Aaron informs Robert that Natalie is coming round to talk to them both as another couple are interested in her being their surrogate as well. Amy sees Kerry getting out of a taxi with Tracy and is surprised to learn she's accompanied her to the morgue. Cain tries to make an uptight Charity see that Debbie has made her mind up about moving. Amy accuses Kerry of playing sick games. Jai tries to reason with Megan asking why Frank was in the factory if he wasn't thieving. Amy tells Kerry she can't lie any longer. The police arrive asking Amy to accompany them to the station to give a statement.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Kerry is frozen with guilt; Amy attempts to keep acting normally; and Jai delivers some hard truths.
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