Zak and Faith wait for Bear to leave. When he finally does, Zak tells Faith he wants to come clean about their kiss to the family. She thinks it's a bad idea. As they argue, one of the pipes on a barrel that Bear has been replacing begins spraying them in beer, hitting the fuse box and plunging the pub into darkness. Jai catches Kerry listening in on DI Goldberg informing Tracy and Vanessa that they are closing the investigation into the fire, satisfied that Frank was responsible. Jai mentions to Kerry that an engagement ring was found at the scene. As Bear and Paddy go to investigate the fault in the pub, Zak and Faith come crashing out of the cellar - Zak having fixed the pipe. Jono and Ste drink Matty's beers at the farm, spraying each other with beer and breaking a photo of Moira and Cain. Cain walks in on them. Bear quizzes Faith and Zak on why they were in the cellar in front of Sam and Paddy. Keen to switch the attention away from her and Zak, Faith lashes out at Bear revealing that he can't read. Cain kicks Jono and Ste out. Amy returns Kyle to Cain and tells him she's decided not to go for residency. Paddy asks Bear if his inability to read is true. He admits it is. Feeling like everyone is laughing at him, he walks out of the pub. Nate overhears Amy explaining he reasoning for not going for residency to Cain. Cain agrees to keep allowing her access to Kyle. Al tells Ellis, Jessie, Marlon and April that he's going back to Dubai for a short time to tie up some loose ends. Matty asks Cain to back off on Jono and Ste as they are the first proper mates he has had. Cain orders him to keep them away from the farmhouse but when Matty argues with him, calling Cain a bully. Kerry tells Amy the police have closed the case against Frank. Nate questions Amy why she's dropped the residency claim. Amy insists she's doing best by Kyle. Paddy finds Bear at The Ford. They have a heart to heart and Paddy offers to assist Bear with his reading. Bear takes his helpfulness badly and storms off. Unable to contain his guilt anymore, Zak tells Sam about his kiss with Faith. Amy admits to Kerry that she's convinced that the police will find out what they did one day and she doesn't want to gamble with Kyle's future by going for residency. Sam is appalled by Zak's confession and warns him not to tell Belle or anyone else.


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