Nate continues to flirt with Moira right under the nose of the rest of the residents of Butlers Farm. It's exam results day and Jessie wishes Jacob the best before he heads to school to collect his results. After Jacob leaves, David informs Priya that Jacob has been writing to Maya. Graham Graham discovers another one of his chess pieces have been moved and assumes it was Kim but she denies it. Afterward, Kim offers to babysit Millie so Jamie and Andrea can have a look around Robblesfield Primary. As Nicola moans to Laurel about her finances, Laurel lets slip that the factory has a new investor. Liv passed all her exams so she, Aaron and Robert head to the café to celebrate. It's not so good news for Jacob who failed all but one of his exams. Jessie feels partly responsible for Jacob's poor results as she didn't realises what was going on between him and Maya. At Tug Ghyll, Vanessa, Tracy and Megan plan Frank's funeral. Charity decides to set up a temporary pub in The Woolpack beer garden using the Diddy Diner to serve food. Jacob is feeling down following his exam results. David, Leyla and Eric believe Jacob should resit the exams at college and continue on with his plans to become a doctor but Jacob is unsure and orders them not to pressure him. Moira knocks at Nate's caravan. Baswick Green Prep School headmaster, Eustace Briggs, arrives at Home Farm to discuss Millie attending his school. Graham isn't impressed that Kim has arranged the meeting behind Jamie and Andrea's back and questions how she's going to explain it to them. Moira informs Nate that last night was a mistake and can never happen again as it would destroy Cain. Nate insists what they've got is amazing but Moira states it isn't then walks away. Priya encourages Jacob to resit his exams then invites him to Holdgate Farm for lunch. Brenda is put out to discover Charity has set up the pub in the beer garden and tries to poach back some custom without any luck. Vanessa approaches Nicola, Bernice and Liam and asks then if they'll be attending Frank's funeral. None of them will as they believe Frank was stealing money from charity when he died. Over lunch, Jacob tells Priya that he doesn't understand why the prison won't let Maya read his letters and questions where's the harm. Priya states it's to protect him. She suggests to Jacob that he wants to stay in love with Maya to make everything that's happened worthwhile but promises him that one day he'll fall in love with someone who is his equal. Jai is annoyed to learn Laurel accidentally let slip to Nicola that the factory has an investor. Jamie returns to Home Farm to find Kim having a meeting with Mr Briggs. In the shop, David, Leyla and Eric discuss Jacob's future. At the same time, Priya suggests to Jacob that he need to get out there and find himself a girlfriend. When Priya places her hand on Jacob's knee and tells him he's a catch, Jacob wrongly concludes Priya is coming onto him and labels her a hypocrite before telling her he isn't interested.


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