Bob continues to try get Matt to accept the job, while the villagers prepare for the cricket game.


Jack arrives back from London, he is still reluctant to write his film script despite being offered thirty thousand pounds to do it. Annie think it's unfair the amount of money offered for just writing a script. A shy young man walks into The Woolpack. George arrives and meets him, he is his nephew, Mark. George and Jack have an awkward meeting at the bar. Jack offers to buy him a drink and he accepts. Verney telephones the Sugdens to ask if Matt can play in Beckindale Cricket Club's match against Robblesfield. Henry is invited to The Blue Boar by Bob Molesworth. Mick invites Alison to The Woolpack. Henry calls to see George who shows him the Butterworth Ball, a ball used by a local shepherd passing through the village in 1891 when Beckindale were playing Robblesfield at cricket. The story is that Butterworth filled in when they were a man short and won the game for them by hitting the ball over a quarter of a mile. Nowadays, the two villages play each other every year for the honour of winning Butterworth's Ball. George wants to make sure that Matt gets the hay in so that he can play cricket for Beckindale. He suggests sending Mark over to help, in the hope that it may toughen him up a little also. Jack has a drink with Alison. Henry comes back from his meeting with Bob and tells Annie that Bob is offering to double Matt's salary and provide him with a nurse for the twins.


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