Jamie is still reeling from Kim's mistake. He is even more furious when he discovers Kim has bought a pony for Millie without consulting him and Andrea first. Andrea just wants to keep the peace. Bear is suffering from a hangover. Zak makes him one of Nellie's hangover cure cocktails. He doesn't find it very appetising, but looks forward to his 'date' with Faith. Belle gets a letter from the college about her application. She's been accepted on the vet course. However, she worries about how she's going to cope without Lisa. Mandy puts on a sob act. She tells Paddy she's got involved with some crooks. Chas doesn't believe her sob act. Jamie wants to ride Blake. Kim warns him that he's lively stallion. He doesn't take no for an answer. The horse becomes panicky when he begins to saddle. Through an act of fright, the horse becomes erratic and Millie is injured. Jai's becoming irritable. He's still getting no response from Archie. Rishi suggests getting him therapy. Jai's determined to get through to him himself. Millie is taken to hospital and is sedated. Jamie is livid about the accident and with the horse. Andrea blames him. Bear pretends to be interested in Eric's antique enthusiasm in act to impress Faith. His act is an utter fail when Faith shares no interest in antiques. Rishi manages to get a smiling response from Archie through one of his chocolates. He offers him the job of helping him make them. In amid reading lesson, Bear goes to kiss Faith. She dismisses his advances and gives him a clip around the ear. Belle overhears him ranting and raving about Zak and Faith's kiss. She is furious that Zak is mocking Lisa's memory. Graham is present when Andrea gives the Doctor Millie's date of birth. He becomes suspicious that Millie may be his daughter.


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