Harriet invites Will to the harvest festival at the church. She reckons they should casual out their relationship. The Tate's go out for the day but Graham turns down his invite. He tells Andrea about the death of his wife. She feels sorry for him. Harriet offers her condolences to Moira for the anniversary of Holly's death and Moira confides about Matty's marijuana taking. Paddy recommends Chas to attend the ante-natal class at the village hall. She quickly declines. Harriet and Will's liaison is the height of gossip amongst the villagers. Rishi tells Sam he wants twelve eggs a week from him. Sam looks puzzled. Cain returns home and enters into a frosty reception. Moira wants answers on why Will was locked up. Rodney fakes aches and pains to Doug and is pleased to know his marijuana creation is completed. Paddy attends the ante-natal class alone but covers his identity as Jarvis. Graham hugs Millie and Andrea's furious. He still wants the DNA tests. Arthur tells Harriet that Dan is forbidding Amelia to help her with the harvest festival. Andrea begs Graham not to go ahead with the tests and promises Graham that Millie isn't his. When people start asking questions about Chas, Paddy backs out of the class. Rodney gives Doug the plan of dealing. Dan tells Harriet that the reason he forbid Amelia was because of Will. Moira thinks Will sold Matty the drugs and is furious. She wants him out of the village. Paddy confides in Mandy about the ante-natal class. Sam has mistakenly thought that Rishi meant twelve dozen eggs, and has bought forty-two chickens. He can't bring them back. Graham agrees to no test but makes a mysterious phone call when Andrea isn't present. Mandy offers to step in Chas's place and attend the ante-natal class with Paddy and fake a pregnancy. Connelton Primary School perform an introduction for the harvest festival on their recorders. It's dreadful. Will attends the festival. Moira confronts Will in the middle of it and causes a scene. She announces to everyone that he was a drug trafficker.


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