Cain wants to chat to Moira about her recent behaviour. Moira makes him believe it's about Holly. Derek, from the malt quiz team, turns up at the café. Doug wants to destroy the marijuana growing in the community shed. Paddy apologises to Chas for attending the ante-natal class with Mandy. She reluctantly forgives and offers to attend the next one. It's the day of Rachel's funeral. Laurel prompts Jai to go. Nate returns to the farm and Moira isn't too enthusiastic with him. Rodney and Eric form a plan to reassure Doug not to trash the marijuana. Dan kicks Will out despite him trying to apologise. Nate warns Moira that she needs to give him more attention when Cain's around or he's gonna spill the beans! Rodney and Eric try everything in their strive to persuade Doug to carry on the planting and dealing, but he's not changing his mind. Anne catches Paddy, Chas and Mandy nattering outside the village hall. Paddy's excuses make her believe that all three are in a polygamy relationship. Mandy takes pride in following with her theories. Moira, Cain and Matty gather at Holly's grave. Matty apologises for the marijuana business. Moira feels guilty for going on the warpath and bullies herself, believing she's a useless mother. Cain sings her praises and offers to take her away for the night. Nate watches them embrace. Harriet offers Will the offer of moving into Woodbine and he accepts. Jai tries explaining to an unresponsive Archie about the funeral. He reveals to Laurel that it wasn't a big do, and he has decided to get Archie some proper help. Nate apologises to Moira about his threats after learning about Holly. Moira tells Nate that their affair has run its course and it is over.


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