It's Archie's first day at Connelton Primary School. He's still distancing himself from everybody. Lydia offers her support to try and get through to him. Jai's optimistic with her idea. Harriet's due to see the bishop about her and Will. Will doesn't see a positive outcome and makes alternative arrangements for his place of residence. However, he's thrilled when Harriet returns and notifies him that the bishop has approved. David's feeling under the weather after a night of scoffing Rishi's chocolates. His symptoms quickly escalate, and he's furious with Rishi when Manpreet informs him that he may be suffering from Salmonella and that Derek, from the malt quiz, has died from it. Cain has smuggled a load of dodgy parts for the garage onto the farm. Nate phones the police on him, and they raid the area. However, he has a change of heart and hides the gear before the police get to it, and an unbeknown Cain on him being the grass praises him for it. Charity prompts Paddy to take Chas away for Grace's anniversary. Chas, Paddy and Aaron share a bittersweet moment together and make a toast to Grace.


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