David's paranoid that his illness will mount into something much worse. Jacob's adamant that he's staying at home to look after him. Rishi feels guilty about Derek's death. Manpreet has taken on Derek's legacy but is struggling to find any of his relatives. Geoffrey Richards from the Environmental Health turns up at David's Shop wanting to speak to David. Rishi also gets a call from them. They want to inspect his chocolates. Manpreet looks worried and admits she reported him. The Dingle's become the culprits when Rishi recalls that they supplied the eggs. Charity orders Sam to get rid of the chickens. Cain questions Moira's harsh behaviour towards Nate. He offers to make her a meal. Rishi's sent in a dilemma when his factory food hygiene certificate doesn't cover the chocolates he's been baking on Holdgate Farm premises. The Environmental Health Officer informs him that he will be prosecuted and could face a charge of manslaughter. Tracy has thrown Frank's stuff out with the rubbish and Vanessa isn't happy. Lydia doesn't get anywhere with Archie, but Arthur finally gets him to talk when he shows him his game collection. Jai and Laurel are over the moon. Charity suggests she and Vanessa take Frank's things and calls Tracy a thoughtless cow. Nate tells Moira he can't bear them not being together. She gives him the push-off. David confronts Rishi and reveals his shop could close down. Sam tells Charity that he slaughtered the chickens, but she finds them still alive in the back of the van. Jacob comforts David, and he's pleased. The Sharma's struggle to find the money for a lawyer for Rishi. Manpreet snidely considers selling Derek's belongings. Moira turns up at Nate's caravan, and they rekindle their affair.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jai is stunned by a betrayal, a turn of events leaves Sam horrified, and a new bond makes Moira uneasy.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,140,600 viewers (11th place).
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