Dan and Amelia turn up at the hospital wanting answers on Kerry's condition. The doctor informs them that she's stable. Kim wants Al to organise high publicity for the press day for the adventure park. Jai's not happy that he wasn't consulted about it, but Kim talks him round. Moira doesn't think she can rely on Pete to remain quiet. Nate plans to have a word. Andrea and Leyla are still game for war for the wedding competition. Tracy continues to worry and blame herself for Kerry's accident. Vanessa and Charity try to reassure her that them causing Frank's death was much worse. Nate tries reasoning with Pete, but Pete isn't drawn into his mind games. Moira breaks them apart when they begin to square up to one another. Amy threatens Tracy with the police. Leyla and her team begin to panic when Andrea and hers go extravagant with a Yorkshire theme for the final. Kerry wakes up and begins to question Tracy. As Amy begins to ramble on, Kerry falls back into motionless. Pete warns Moira that she needs to think very carefully about her and Nate because if the bombshell drops, both he and she will be left to pick up the pieces. Ryan checks out the building plans for the adventure park and isn't happy there isn't enough disabled access. Kim assures him she's got it all under control but is alarmed when Ryan threatens her with the press. Cain overhears Moira and Pete bickering and isn't convinced by their excuse. Graham starts to make an effort with Rhona. The crash team hurry to Kerry's bedside when she goes into cardiac arrest.


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