Kim is threatening over Graham but remaining subtle to anyone who notices her suffering. Mandy and Vinny try everything to get into Lydia's good books. Lydia believes that everything they've told the family is one big made-up story. Samson tries defending their corner, but Lydia can't believe anything that comes out of their mouths. Noah and Sarah try smooth talking Charity into letting them have a Halloween party, but fail. Gabby and Leanna suggest they throw one in the salon and steal alcohol from the pub to supply their booze. Noah promises he'll sort it. Al tries comforting and supporting Kim over her suffering with Graham. She sternly turns down his advances. Vinny worries about what will happen to him if the Dingle's were ever to find out he wasn't one of them. Doug becomes suspicious when Jimmy's outburst from his prolonged 'spiking' is at the height of gossip among Nicola, and the mysterious brownies are heightening to the main cause. Eric and Rodney are quick to supply other scenarios. Andrea takes advantage of the whole new Graham's mysterious woman scenario and uses it as a way to blow him further away from Millie, suggesting he and the other woman leave the area to escape Kim's clutches. Graham knos exactly what she's up to. In desperate need of cash, Mandy blackmails Charity into giving her money using Vanessa as her source. Aaron's mood seems to be lightening with the presence of Seb. Mandy and Vinny are sent into turmoil when Terry turns up at the Dingle's homestead and they're empty handed. Kim confides in Jamie about Graham. She makes it clear that her feelings for Graham are stronger than previously noticed. Jamie can see her hurting. Leanna gives Jacob food for thought when she invites him to their Halloween party. Charity manages to make it back in time with the cash to pay Terry, but it still isn't enough. Terry latches onto Vinny and the most surprising of heroes bursts through the door when Sam barges in with a spade and Lydia's not far behind with the ten grand. The Dingles accept Mandy and Vinny's place of residence as Wishing Well Cottage much to their pleasure. Graham calls round to Rhona's with flowers, and unbeknown to them, as they are sharing a passionate embrace on the front door, a shocked Jamie watches on.


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