Aaron and Robert are full of delightful joy as the day of their visit has dawned. However, Robert is shattered when he is informed that he will be moving prisons to the Isle of Wight tonight. Doug feels guilty about Laurel and Jai's conflict and offers to intervene. Laurel politely tells him to back off. Arthur believes their disagreement is down to him and Archie. Laurel assures him it isn't. Amy and the boys return from their camping trip and Amy has some wise words for Victoria regarding Luke. Rhona worries about Graham when he has to make alternative arrangements for his place of rest. Marlon makes it clear that he is worried about where Leo fits in. An angry Rhona assures him he will always be put first. Moira is delighted to be reunited with the boys in the shop, but is on the receiving end of bad news when Cain tells her he wants her out of the farm by tonight. Graham turns up at the adventure park wanting to speak to Kim. She believes that he's changed his mind and has come running back to her. She couldn't be further from the truth. She's left in tears when he tells her that he never loved her. Aaron and Robert are finally reunited. Despite Aaron's excitement lurking in the atmosphere, it's obvious something is eating away at Robert with his sentimental attitude. Moira tries luring her way into Cain's good books by cooking him and the family a meal. Cain assures her he meant what he said and grabs a suitcase and demands she pack it. The Thomas' are enjoying lunch in The Woolpack when Jai walks in. Laurel plucks up the courage to face him, but is on the receiving end of a cold reception when his feelings of betrayal are still very much alive. Robert gives Aaron his wedding ring, and an oblivious Aaron hugs him tight as the clock strikes the end of the visit and Robert says his goodbyes. Once out of sight, Robert breaks down, knowing this will be the last time he will ever see Aaron.


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