Mark begins working at Emmerdale Farm, and is disappointed to return home and find his parents are passing through Beckindale, but won't see him. Meanwhile, Amy considers selling the shop, and her reasons are shown when he is hospitalised after a fall.


Henry worries to Annie that Matt might accept Bob's proposal. Annie wants to have a word with him herself. Sam overhears the conversation and is confident Annie will sort it. Matt practices his bowling. Mark has started work at the farm. Jack invites him to stay for lunch. He remembers he has to take tablets for his digestion and starts to panic, he runs off home. Annie rings The Blue Boar and asks to speak to Bob. Henry ponders to Alison that Amy may want to sell the shop and accommodation, he asks Alison if she'd be interested in buying it. George receives a letter from Mark's father. Bob arrives to see Annie. She comes straight to the point about him trying to poach Matt and take her grandchildren away. She says Matt will not even speak to him when he finds out about his scheme. She tells him to leave them alone. Molesworth agrees but then asks Annie if she is always making decisions for others and he then leaves. Mark returns from his day's work at the farm. He finds the letter from his father on the desk, he discovers that his parents are passing through but will not be coming to see him. He's disappointed. Alison receives a call from Mrs Rigby, Amy's sister, saying that Amy's had a fall in street and is in hospital. She tells Henry that she's decided to buy the shop if Amy wants to sell. George says that Mark's father wants him to move to London, he's adamant he wants to stay in Beckindale. George agrees.


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