Mark talks to Annie about his father, and is left with good advice. Later, Ronald turns up wanting to take Mark back to London. Carol is annoyed when Joe can't get out of the cricket match.


Matt feels guilty about taking Henry's room while he sleeps at The Feathers Country Hotel. Amos phones Mick to check on The Woolpack, he complains about him cleaning with the radio on in the background. Mark talks to Annie about his father, saying he's a business consultant and he travels a lot. Picking up on Mark's manner, she tells him he should speak up for himself more often or he will get ignored. George receives a call from Mrs Peters stating she can't do the teas for the cricket match due to her mother being ill; Yates suggests Alison to take her place. Carol invites Joe to tea on Sunday, but he says he's playing at the cricket match. She's disappointed, so he's forced to give in. Joe is quiet at lunch, he announces that he can't play cricket on Sunday but he's secretive as to why. Sam susses him out. They ask Mark to play instead. They question Joe as to why and he storms out. Annie is annoyed that Joe has given in to Carol so easily, she tells him to put her straight. George asks Alison if she would provide the teas for the cricket match on Sunday, she agrees and Annie offers to help as well. She mentions it's a special cricket match in earshot of Carol and the two exchange a look. Jack flirts with Alison. Joe tells Carol that he can't get out of the match on Sunday, she storms out of The Woolpack. Mark's father arrives at Miffield Hall wanting to take Mark back to London and implies that George's interest in Mark is unhealthy.


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