Ronald is shocked when Mark refuses to come to London and threatens to disown him. However, George tells Ronald that Mark is always welcome with him. Meanwhile, Henry overhears Joe teasing Jack over Alison.


Proctor thinks George has deliberately turned Mark against him. George thinks he's jealous because he didn't get to live in the big house when he married his sister, Marjorie. Verney says he will tell Mark that Proctor has visited and let Mark decide whether he wants to go back to London. Jack teases Joe about Carol and in turn he teases Jack over Alison; Henry overhears. The day of the cricket match dawns. Mark tries on his cricket whites and Alison starts on the teas. Proctor faces his son and tells him to come home, he's stunned when Mark refuses. He threatens to disown him and leave him stuck, but George says he will never be stuck as he will leave everything he has to Mark as he does not have an heir of his own. Joe and Matt are having a pint before the match. Mark arrives and they tease him. The match gets underway as George and Reverend Ruskin look on and Annie and Alison provide the teas. Carol calls up to the farm and has a cup of tea with Jack and shows interest in his book, she laughs when he mentions the book has unsuitable material and wants to read it. They share a close moment. Carol arrives at the match just as Joe finishes and Beckindale win the Butterworth ball largely due to Sam's umpiring.


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