It's New Year's Eve in Emmerdale and Charity and Mackenzie meet up to discuss their plan to do over Home Farm. Noah isn't pleased to witness them talking. Harriet pays yet another visit to Malone's grave. In the café, Jimmy moans to Marlon about Nicola and Brenda. As they are talking, Vicar Charles Anderson appears looking for Harriet. Before Cain hands Aaron his share of the profits from selling on the car parts, he demands to know where the parts came from. Aaron admits Charity and Mackenzie stole them which leads an unimpressed Cain to order Aaron to stay away from Mackenzie. Kim is peeved Andrea is making Jamie jump through hoops to see Millie. Cain confronts Charity about working with Mackenzie. Subsequently, Charity admits she and Mackenzie plan to rob Home Farm and do over Kim. Cain cannot believe Charity and Mackenzie are so stupid. Charity soon realises Cain's reaction is more about Mackenzie rather than her so taunts Cain about Mackenzie meddling in his relationship with Moira. Holding the threat of Noah and Sarah finding out what she's up to over her head, Cain orders Charity to go ahead with the burglary but instructs her to make sure Mackenzie takes the fall so he can get him out of his hair. At the HOP, Jamie breaks the news to the staff that they won't be receiving a bonus. Afterward, Jamie and Kim bicker about Andrea and Millie. After Kim leaves, Jamie explains to Gabby that he just wants to be a good dad and give Millie the life he didn't have with both her parents. Gabby assures Jamie you don't need to have two parents to be happy, you just have to feel loved. Charles eventually finds Harriet and informs her their parishes are merging into one. He assures her he's not here to step on her toes and then produces a bottle of whisky and suggests they toast their new partnership. Jimmy continues to try to persuade Nicola to resolving things with Brenda for the café's sake. Kim demands Will be her driver tonight as payback for poaching on her land. Will already has plans but Kim doesn't care. Dressed in all black, Charity and Mackenzie break into Home Farm an hour ahead of schedule to ensure Charity makes it back in time for Ryan's birthday dinner. Marlon finds himself doing April's homework assignment reflecting on this past year. Rhona invites Marlon and April to ring in the New Year with her and Leo. Mackenzie attempts to break into the Home Farm safe using a drill.

The Dingles gather at the pub for Ryan's 30th birthday dinner but there's no sign on Charity. Meanwhile at Home Farm, Mackenzie tells Charity how he got involved with Kim whilst he attempts to break into the safe. Mackenzie is suspicious about Charity's lack of reaction to the news he was working with Kim so he puts down the drill and demands she starts talking. Charity admits she was supposed to set him up. Liv worries ahead of her appointment with a consultant about her seizures next week. Vinny urges her to be optimistic. Afterward, Vinny encourages Paul to tell Mandy about his gambling so he can have a fresh start for the New Year. Paul promises to tell Mandy tonight. Mackenzie knows Cain is behind Charity's plan to set him up so he decides to turn the tables and set Charity up instead. He puts his plan in motion by pretending to injure his hand on the drill and then when he heads to the kitchen on the pretence of getting a bandage, he locks Charity in the living room. Will arrives late to pick Kim up. Ryan is disappointed that Charity's a no show for his birthday dinner. Noah is far from impressed either. Cain is surprised when Mackenzie enters the pub with no sign of Charity so asks what happened. Mackenzie lies nothing happened as Charity didn't show up. Once out of earshot, Mackenzie calls the police to report a break in. As Noah skulks about in the beer garden, he overhears Mackenzie leaving Kim a voicemail. At the HOP, Kim and Will discuss their criminal pasts and their time spent behind bars but their conversation is interrupted when Kim's phone pings and she hears Mackenzie's voicemail. Charles watches Harriet with suspicion. Noah rushes up to Home Farm to free Charity before the police arrive but Charity is so drunk that she doesn't realise the urgency of the situation. An inebriated Charity fears she has left fingerprints behind so a frantic Noah orders her to go whilst he cleans up after her. After putting April and Leo to bed, Marlon and Rhona talk. PC Swirling looks around Home Farm but can see no sign of forced entry. When PC Swirling heads for the front door, Noah puts his hood up then makes a run for it. PC Swirling chases after him. Paul gets a reprieve as Mandy is too drunk to tell her about his gambling. As Cain and Aaron have a drink in the beer garden, an out of breath Noah runs up and tells them it's not his fault. Moments later, PC Swirling appears to arrest Noah for breaking into Home Farm. Marlon reads Rhona his essay reflecting on all that's happened during 2020. Meanwhile, Harriet stands at Malone's grave. Mandy lays passed out on the sofa and Charity witnesses Noah being driven away in the back of a police car.


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  • This hour-long New Years Eve episode was shown at the slightly later time of 7:30.

Memorable dialogue

Marlon Dingle: "Nobody saw this coming, did they, this year? How could we? How could anyone? But almost overnight pretty much everything we took for granted in this life was snatched away from us. Toilet roll, pasta, hand sanitiser. But some of us lost more than others. Some of us lost people we love and we'll never get them back. And it hurt, it really hurt. And it will for a long time. Maybe forever. We all lost something. Sometimes, it's felt like the end of the world. Just the small, little things...the precious things. Being close, holding someone close. Hugging them, shaking hands. A kiss on the check, a kiss on the lips or anywhere else. Just seeing family, people we care about, people we love. Friends. Being normal. Just being us and all that comes with it. It's a year none of us'll forget for all the wrong reasons. The problems haven't gone away. This awful thing might be here for a while yet, but it won't win. We can't let it win. Stronger together might mean nothing to some, but we are, we really are. We're down, we're not out. So, 2021 we look forward. We look forward to hugging tighter, handshakes firmer, kisses sloppier, laughing louder, singing badly, dancing like idiots. Groups of 20, groups of 120. Seeing the smiles behind the masks, getting out lives back. We won't forget what happened and we'll never forget the others who got left behind. But maybe just maybe, we'll remember a little more, those small, precious things."

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