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Charity accosts PC Swirling outside the Police Station and asks about Noah. PC Swirling explains Cain took him home in the early hours. Nicola suggests to Brenda that they start the New Year by calling a truce so they can make the café work. Kim has suspicions about Mackenzie's role in yesterday's robbery and questions if Charity was the one robbing her then how did Noah get caught. Mackenzie doesn't have an explanation. Paul again promises Vinny he'll tell Mandy about his gambling today. Charles approaches Dawn in the street and asks her opinion on Harriet. When Dawn reveals she's practically Harriet's step-daughter, Charles instead quizzes her about her views on the church newsletter. After hearing about the robbery at Home Farm, Andrea suggests it's best if Millie doesn't visit today but Jamie refuses to cancel as he's determined to spend time with his daughter. Dawn tells Will that Charles was asking lots of questions. Will orders Dawn to stop being paranoid and forget about Malone but it's not that easy for Dawn as she knows one slip from Harriet means its game over. When Moira returns from visiting Nana Barton, Cain informs her it was Charity who broke into Home Farm, not Noah, and Mackenzie was involved too. At that moment, Mackenzie appears at the farmhouse. Charles pops into the church whilst Harriet is practising her sermon and asks her about why she wandered off into the dark last night when she told him she was going home. Harriet claims she was going for a walk to help her sleep better. Charles queries where she goes and asks if Dawn ever joins her. Mackenzie explains to Moira that Cain and Charity planned to set him up, but when he learned of the plan, he got in first and stitched Charity up instead. Moira questions how Noah got involved. Mackenzie doesn't know, nor does he care that an innocent teenager will take the fall for his crimes. Moira refuses to allow Noah to go down for this so orders Cain and Mackenzie to sort it out. Charity appeals to Kim and begs her to fix this for Noah, even bringing up that Noah is a Tate. Kim doesn't care. She reminds Charity she could clear Noah's name in seconds by admitting she did it - either Noah goes down or she does. When Charles offers to take today's service for Harriet, Harriet snaps at him and orders him to back off. Dawn drops some paperwork off at Home Farm for Jamie to sign. Jimmy learns about Marlon and Rhona's sleepover last night and assumes there's something going on between them despite the pair's denials. Harriet apologizes to Charles for biting his head off earlier. Charles tells her to forget about it then offers to listen to Harriet's troubles but Harriet doesn't want to talk. Chas is disgusted to learn Charity left Noah at Home Farm whilst she ran away. As Millie plays, Jamie asks for Dawn's advice about how to deal with Andrea. When Jamie gets up to make tea a few moments later, her finds the front door wide open and Millie nowhere to be seen.

Paul buys himself a reprieve from telling Mandy about his gambling by booking her on a week-long Reiki course that starts tomorrow in Crewe. Charity feels awful for landing Noah in trouble and questions what he told the police. A worked-up Noah assures Charity he didn't drop her in it before telling his mum that this is exactly why he doesn't want to be like her. Charity hits back that she only robbed Home Farm to get money for his future. Noah questions what future - he's going to end up with a criminal record because he's going to take the blame for the robbery so Moses doesn't have to experience having a mum in prison like he did. Charity insist he can't but Noah tells Charity she can't stop him. Nicola and Brenda agree to call a truce. As Dawn is searching the Home Farm grounds for Millie, she spots Harriet in the middle of the woods. Paul informs Vinny that Mandy's gone on a course so he hasn't told her about his gambling yet. Jamie eventually finds Millie hiding under the kitchen table. Dawn asks Harriet what she's doing in the grounds. A distressed Harriet claims she needed somewhere quiet but Dawn knows there's more to it. When she takes a step towards Harriet, Harriet yells at her to get off him. Dawn soon learns Harriet moved Malone's body to Home Farm and she's now standing right on top of his new grave. Kim overhears Charity telling Chas, Cain and Moira that Noah's going to the blame for the robbery to protect Moses. Charity tries to justify letting Noah take the blame which disgusts the other three and leads Chas to warn Charity if she lets Noah take the fall, she's dead to all off them. Harriet informs Dawn that she and Will moved Malone's body as the grave he was in is going to be exhumed. She explains she keeps visiting Malone's new grave to pray and to make sure he's okay. Dawn can't handle the news and runs off. Kim informs the Dingles she's spoken to the police and got Noah off the hook. Marlon and Rhona resolve to spend more time together as a family in 2021. Charity knows Kim must have an ulterior motive for getting Noah off the hook, so once they're alone, she demands to know what it is. Kim tells Charity she owes her, and warns she'll probably call the debt in whenever Charity least expects it. Back at the church, Charles speaks to Harriet about Richard Thomason's exhumation. He's noticed the grave looks like it's already been disturbed. Harriet tries to pass it off as the work of the gardener but Charles knows it's been dug up. He tells Harriet he's going to speak to the Bishop and then he's going to inform the police...


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  • This hour-long New Years Day episode was shown at the usual time of 7:00.
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