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Will has a go at Harriet for hanging around Malone's grave but he soon has more pressing things to worry about when Harriet reveals Charles has noticed Richard Thomason's grave has been disturbed and is going to tell the Bishop. Will orders Harriet to shut Charles down for all their sakes. Dawn is also struggling with recent events. Will instructs her to keep her nerve and forget Malone ever existed. Laurel decides to return to work in an attempt to get back to normality despite Jai's worries that it's too. Moira spots Mackenzie hanging around Kim and warns her brother that Kim isn't to be trusted but Mackenzie takes no heed of her advice. At the hospital, a consultant diagnoses Liv with epilepsy. Neither Liv nor Aaron are surprised. Aaron queries if Liv can continue with her driving lessons; the consultant explains it's not an option at the moment but it will be once Liv has her symptoms under control and has been seizure free for twelve months. After numerous missed calls, Harriet finally catches up with Charles and tries to persuade him not to tell the Bishop or the police about the grave being disturbed. Before Charles commits to anything, he wants to know what Harriet is hiding so Harriet concocts a story about hiring contractors to carry out the exhumation before the paperwork arrived. After spinning Charles a further tale about hormonal issues affecting her work, Charles agrees to let the matter drop. A furious Andrea storms into the HOP and has a go at Jamie for not telling her about losing Millie. Kim doesn't think it's a big deal which leads Andrea to attack Kim's parenting until Will steps in and defends Kim. When Noah calls by Jacobs Fold to collect him gaming console, Charity tries to persuade him to return home. Noah refuses. He labels Charity a useless, rubbish mum and tells her nobody would care if she was dead before storming out. Kim thanks Will for sticking up for her and tells him she owes him one. Will asks to call in the favour immediately. Laurel and Nicola catch up over a drink in the café. When Jai and Priya enter, Nicola notices a change in Laurel's demeanour. Paul has had another bin win so he phones his friend Connor to tell him he's needs a cover. Mackenzie continues to claim to Kim that he set up Charity to prove himself to her then asks her for his old job back. Kim explains she's just taken on Will as groundskeeper but Mackenzie manages to persuade her to reemploy him anyway and let him move back into a cottage on the Estate. After Mackenzie leaves, Kim rewatches the CCTV footage of the robbery and hears Mackenzie telling Charity how he's "the biggest problem Kim never knew she had". Harriet informs a relieved Will and Dawn that she managed to persuade Charles not to go to the Bishop or the police about the disturbed grave. Afterward, Will reveals he's the new Home Farm groundsman so he can make sure Malone's body isn't found - all the need to do now is keep their heads down.


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