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A flirty Nicola introduces herself to the new vicar Charles and suggests they meet up to discuss getting the choir back practising in person. Marlon and Rhona continue to grow closer. Are the lines between the co-parents blurring? It's Aaron's birthday but he's in no mood to celebrate following Liv's epilepsy diagnosis. Liv is determined her brother should have fun so has booked him an activities day at the HOP, starting with a kayak lesson with Ben. Nicola calls by Mulberry Cottage and drags Laurel out to cheer her up. Jamie asks for Dawn's help marketing the HOP then invites her out for dinner. Dawn turns him down. Afterward, Will informs Jamie he's the new Home Farm groundsman. Jamie is far from pleased with this development. Aaron wants to phone Liv to check up on her before his kayak lesson but Ben has already locked Aaron's phone away so it doesn't get water damaged. Jai worries Nicola isn't the best person to cheer Laurel up. Priya can see Jai is also struggling so urges her brother to seek help for himself before he tries to help Laurel. Jai doesn't think it's the right time to discuss his feelings as he believes he needs to say strong for Laurel. At the Mill, Vinny shows Liv his dance moves when suddenly Liv collapses and begins fitting. As blood falls from Liv's mouth, a frantic Vinny calls Paul and asks what to do. Paul arrives at the Mill and calls for an ambulance. Jamie invites Dawn out for dinner again but Dawn insists she can't go. Marlon prepares lunch for Rhona. Aaron had a great time on his kayak lesson but his good mood is soon soured when he gets his phone back and sees all the missed calls from Vinny informing him Liv's in the hospital. Over a drink in The Woolpack, Nicola tries to persuade Charles to resume in person choir practice and even suggests they make a charity record. Nicola asks for Laurel's opinion but Laurel hasn't been listening. Bob notices Laurel isn't her usual cheery self and asks her if she's okay. Laurel claims she's fine. Jamie and Will have a run in outside the pub. When Aaron arrives at the hospital, he takes his worry and stress out on Vinny and Paul. He tells Vinny that if anyone is going to look after Liv, it's going to be him and then suggests it's time Vinny moved out of the Mill.


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  • Ben Tucker - Simon Lennon


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