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Liv returns home from the hospital to the news that Aaron ordered Vinny to move out yesterday. Now thinking clearly, Aaron realises he was out of order so allows Vinny to stay. Ryan urges Charity to find a way to make things up to Noah. Dan has arranged to go to lunch with a woman he's met online but her sister is tagging along too so he invites a reluctant Marlon to join them to make it a double date. Rhona is put out when she learns about the double date. Vinny pops into Wishing Well Cottage to thank Paul for defending him yesterday. Manipulative Paul soon steers the conversation to telling Mandy about his gambling. In the pub, Bob quizzes new vicar Charles about his relationship status. Rhona is troubled to witness Marlon and Dan waiting for their dates. Paul spins Vinny a web of lies about attending his GA meetings and manages to get his son to agree to hold off on telling Mandy about his gambling for another few weeks until he receives his two-month sobriety token. Dan and Marlon's dates cancel. Dan is gutted; Marlon is relieved. Rhona overhears Charles on the phone with a lettings agent so offers him her spare room much to Marlon's displeasure. Ben catches up with Aaron in Main Street and asks how Liv is. Aaron blames Ben for him not being there for his sister yesterday so tells Ben that Liv's fine no thanks to him. Mackenzie watches on with glee as Ben ends his relationship with Aaron then tells his former love interest to sort his life out before it's too late. Charles asks Harriet if he can set up a youth club. Harriet thinks it's a great idea but Dawn feels Charles is trying to take over. Charity calls Noah to Jacobs Fold to discuss his plans to join the army. Noah is adamant Charity won't be able to talk him out of enlisting but that doesn't stop Charity from trying. Charity would much rather Noah study engineering at university than with the army and promises her son she'll find the tuition money somehow. Noah reminds Charity she tried that and he ended up getting arrested. When Noah pleads with Charity to let him do this, Charity realises she can't keep standing in Noah's way so agrees to sign the permission forms on the condition that he moves back to Jacobs Fold. Moments later, Sarah appears at Jacobs Fold and an ecstatic Noah informs her Charity is letting him join the army. Sarah doesn't take the news well. Marlon fears his and Rhona's family nights with the kids won't be the same now that Charles is moving into Smithy Cottage as there'll be nowhere for him to sleep. Rhona suggests Marlon sleeps in her room. Vinny apologises to Liv for the way he reacted when she had her seizure. Liv orders him to stop feeling guilty and tells him she'd understand if he doesn't want to be with her anymore. Ending their relationship is the last thing Vinny wants; he tells Liv he loves her and is delighted which Liv reciprocates with a deceleration of love as well. Sarah tells Amelia about Noah joining the army and how she feels alone. As they are talking, Sarah receives a text from Danny asking to meet. Mackenzie buys Aaron a pint in an attempt to persuade Aaron to work with him but Aaron isn't interested.


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  • Ben Tucker - Simon Lennon


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