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Diane is fed up of Charity's behaviour so she lets herself into Jacobs Fold using Sarah's keys and decides to hold an intervention. Sarah receives another text from Danny. Like the previous, she ignores it. Chas and Paddy return from their honeymoon to the news that Marlon and Rhona have been getting closer whilst they were away. Paddy can't believe Marlon and Rhona would rekindle their romantic relationship after all this time so concludes Marlon must've gotten the wrong end of the stick which leads Marlon to question himself. A hormonal Tracy is missing Vanessa and wishes her sister would come back. Mackenzie approaches Aaron in the café and offers him another chance to work with him. Aaron still isn't interested. Charles runs a church outreach for delinquents at the HOP. There is also a small stag-party taking place at the centre but they aren't having much fun so Charles points the best man Olly in the direction of the pub instead. Kim decides it's time to start rattling Cain's cage and tasks Mackenzie with doing her dirty work again. As Sarah is leaving the Hide, she runs into Danny who's taking part in Charles outreach programme. Sarah apologises to Danny for dropping him in it with the police. Danny counters with his own apology, claiming he's sorry for getting her involved with drugs and that getting locked up helped get his head straight. Paddy bumps into Rhona in the shop and asks if there's something going on between her and Marlon. Rhona admits she like Marlon but she's not sure he feels the same. Charity signs Noah's army permission forms. Afterward, Diane urges Charity to find a way to move on from Vanessa but Charity doesn't have a clue how to. Diane brings up Moses as she believes Charity will be happy again when she's reunited with her youngest son. Charity fears it won't be enough as she's her best self when she's with Vanessa. Mandy is back from her Reiki course and practices her new techniques on Paul and Vinny. As they are talking, Vinny realises Paul lied about how Mandy came be on the course. Danny's mate Mason spots the underwhelmed stag-party in the pub beer garden and suggests they could do with the buzz of a few pills. Danny orders Mason to distract Sarah whilst he susses them out. Thanks to Paddy, both Marlon and Rhona are under the impression they got the wrong end of the stick about wanting a romantic relationship with each other. Paddy bursts in and tell the pair in a roundabout manner that they're both on the same page. Charles searches for Danny and Mason who have absconded from his outreach programme. Mackenzie breaks into garage. In the pub, Mason orders cola for him, Danny, and Sarah. When he gets his wallet out to pay, a baggie of pills falls to the floor which is soon discovered by Chas...


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