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Sarah realises Danny is still dealing drugs. Danny claims it's no biggie - he's only helping Mason as he still owes people from before he got arrested. A furious Chas confronts best-man Olly about the pills. Olly profusely denies they're his so Chas decides to let the police handle it. Dan returns from his lunch break to find the garage has been broken into and the car he was working on missing. A man named Ethan joins the meagre stag-party. Paddy inserts himself into Marlon and Rhona's impromptu lunch date making it awkward for all involved. Sarah, Danny and Mason panic when they spot a police car pulling up outside the pub. Sarah, who has a baggie of pills in her possession, instructs Danny and Mason to leave and she'll follow on close behind. Whilst Chas and the stag-party are distracted talking to PC Pierce, Sarah slips the baggie of pills into Ethan's coat pocket then makes her escape. PC Pierce is suspicious when Ethan puts his coat on so asks to search him. Ethan doesn't take too kindly to the request to search him and believes he's being targeted because he's black. Nate is struggling to run his farm alone so Cain suggests Moira could help out. A guilty Sarah watches on as PC Pierce finds the baggie of pills in Ethan's coat and subsequently arrests the lawyer despite Ethan's protests of innocence. Dan finds Cain in the café and informs his boss about the stolen car. Cain is furious whilst an onlooking Kim is gleeful. When Marlon and Rhona's date is interrupted, Marlon wonders if it's the universe trying to tell them not to pursue a romantic relationship. A tipsy Rhona doesn't believe that and suggests they go on another date on their own terms. Charity informs Noah she's signed his army permission forms and tells her son she's proud of him. Noah is delighted but Sarah is devastated. Nate informs Tracy that Moira is going to help him out at the farm. Tracy isn't comfortable with the arrangement and is surprised Cain even suggested it after all that's happened. Outside the pub, Charity thanks Diane for helping her sort things with Noah and Moses. After saying goodbye to Diane, Charity witnesses Sarah speaking Danny.


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