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Charity summons Sarah to Jacobs Fold where she confronts her granddaughter about seeing Danny yesterday. Charity begs Sarah to stay away from Danny as she doesn't believe it's a coincidence that Danny showed back up at the same time there are drugs found in the pub. Charles picks up his son Ethan from the police station who has been released pending further investigation. Tracy's uncomfortable that Moira's helping Nate out on the farm, even more so when Nate reveals he's going to be working late. Kim invites Will over for dinner in earshot of a gossiping Brenda. As Charity walks Sarah to the bus stop, Sarah maintains she and Danny are over. She tells Charity that when she saw them talking yesterday, she was telling Danny not to come back. Ethan is adamant someone must know something about how the drugs came to be in his pocket, so when he sees Sarah in Main Street, he asks her if she saw anyone acting strange. Ethan can see by Sarah's reaction that she knows something but Charity orders Ethan to back off. Back at Jacobs Fold, a worked-up Charity demands Sarah starts telling her the truth about how long Danny's been hanging around and why Ethan is so convinced she planted drugs on him. Sarah tries to explain to Charity what happened without dropping Danny in it but Charity can see it doesn't add up and knows Sarah's not telling her the whole truth. When Charity pleads with Sarah to own up, Sarah brings up Charity robbing Home Farm and leaving Noah to take the fall. She tells Charity she should be proud of what who she's turning into as it's what her and Debbie have made her. Charity is disgusted and reminds Sarah of all the sacrifices Debbie has made to ensure she's even alive today. Ethan is certain Sarah planted the drugs on him although Charles is sceptical as there's no evidence and he sees no reason why Sarah would set him up. Ethan believes whoever planted the drugs saw the police and panicked - who better to take the fall than the only black man there. The young lawyer is frustrated that he cannot prove his innocence and questions what this'll do to his career. Harriet confronts Will about his relationship with Kim. Will reminds Harriet he's only working at Home Farm because that's where Malone's buried. He states he's not sleeping with Kim, but if keeping his family safe means he has to have sex with her, then he'll do it. Brenda gossips about Ethan's drug arrest. Priya informs Al she's going to get him a 1958 Austin Healey car as a wedding present. Al is delighted until Priya mentions she's enlisted Cain to find the perfect vehicle and Debbie is also keeping an eye out in Scotland. Ethan decides to return to the police station to tell them what he's found out about Sarah. Meanwhile, Charity fills Cain in on the Danny situation. The pair argue about who's responsible for their errant granddaughter's behaviour. Cain decides to inform Debbie about what's been going on. At the same time, Sarah sneaks out of Jacobs Fold and meets with Danny then the pair run off into the night together.


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