Sarah is missing. As Cain and Charity argue about who's responsible for the teen's disappearance, Debbie pulls up and demands answers from her parents. Meanwhile, Sarah and Danny have spent the night in a barn. Sarah feels awful for Ethan being arrested. Danny tells Sarah it's not her fault and she can't do anything about it now anyway before showing her the drug laced cookies he and Mason are going to start selling. Debbie is shocked to learn about the drugs at the stag party and questions what else Cain and Charity aren't telling her. Afterward, Debbie heads into the pub and is further shocked when Chas lets slip Sarah has been accused of planting drugs on Ethan. When Nate offers to help to look for Sarah, Debbie tells him he's not part of her family. After Debbie storms off, Chas assures Nate that Debbie will come around. Al tells Priya he doesn't want a vintage car after all and instead suggests they spend the money on their honeymoon. As the couple are talking, Al receives a call from Debbie but he ignores it. Ethan's law firm has heard about his arrest and he's worried about his job; even if he isn't charged, his reputation is shot. In the barn, Sarah and Danny get high on the cookies. As the pair begin undressing, Debbie and Charity burst in. Sarah is stunned to see her mum. Later, Charity tracks Cain down to Wishing Well Cottage and informs him and Belle that they've found Sarah but soon the pair are arguing again. Belle orders them to stop it and instead focus on supporting Debbie and Sarah. Charles spots Debbie and Sarah outside Jacobs Fold and introduces himself before revealing it's his son who Sarah may have planted drugs on. Debbie insists her daughter doesn't do drugs. She orders Charles to back off then heads inside to confront Sarah. Debbie demands to know if Sarah has taken any drugs and put her heart in danger. Sarah admits she had half a spiked cookie but she threw it up. Debbie next asks about sex and tells Sarah that Danny's only using her to help him sell drugs. A highly-emotional Sarah states she doesn't care as is better than being on her own. Debbie assures Sarah she's not on her own but Sarah reels off a list of people who have left or are leaving her before telling Debbie there's no point in her coming home as she's only going to leave again. Debbie feels awful. Ethan fears all his hard work has gone to waste over something he didn't even do. Charles promises his son they'll find a way to work through this. At Jacobs Fold, Debbie profusely apologises to Sarah for not being there for her. Conversation soon turns back to the drugs and Sarah confesses it was her who planted them on Ethan. Sarah fears she's be sent to prison. Debbie assures her daughter she won't. She tells Sarah she's her priority so she's back and she isn't going anywhere. Al receives another call from Debbie. He answers this time and panics when he learns his mistress is back in the village.


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