With Debbie back in Emmerdale, Al fears she and Priya will find out about the other so tries to ensure they avoid seeing each other. Debbie is determined to sort out Sarah's mess, starting with an apology to Chas. Chas tries to make Sarah realise the seriousness of her actions before stating Ethan deserves an apology too. At that moment, Ethan enters the pub and asks about the CCTV footage. Chas states there is none but Ethan thinks she's lying to cover for Sarah. When Nate, a fellow black man, also defends Sarah, Ethan takes it especially hard as he believes he's being targeted due to the colour of his skin. Meanwhile in Main Street, Charles and Rhona discuss the situation. Rhona informs Charles that the Dingles are all about family loyalty, so even if Sarah is involved, none of them will admit it. After Charles walks off, Marlon invites Rhona out on a date. Nate tells Debbie that if Sarah had anything to do with what happened to Ethan, she needs to come clean otherwise they are contributing to the problem of black people being unfairly targeted and profiled by police. After Priya heads off wedding dress shopping, Al arranges to meet up with Debbie. Self-centred Meena feels like she's on the periphery of the Sharma family so decides to organise a drinks do to introduce David to the family. Jai thinks it's pointless, reminding Meena that David is Amba's dad but Meena presses on regardless. At Jacobs Fold, Al silently panics when Debbie reveals she's staying in Emmerdale and suggests they still keep their relationship secret for the moment. Conversation soon turns to the drugs situation and Al tells Debbie she needs to clear Ethan's name before telling her about his own experiences of racism. A worked-up Ethan is fed up of being targeted due to the colour of his skin. Charles tells his son he needs to find a way to let go of his rage as it's not good for him and also to learn to pick his battles. He advises Ethan to channel is anger into a force for good. After picking her perfect wedding dress, Priya goes to lunch with Rishi, Manpreet and Al. Priya notices Al is acting odd but Rishi puts it down to his excitement about the wedding. Marlon is forced to postpone his date with Rhona which leads him to again question if the universe is trying to keep them apart. Al surprises Priya with a night away at a spa hotel which he can't join her on as he has a meeting. Priya concludes Al is organising a special surprise. Debbie sits Sarah down and tells her they need to make things right for Ethan. Afterward, Debbie sneaks off to meet Al which is witnessed by a suspicious Marlon.


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