Supported by Debbie, Sarah knocks at Smithy Cottage and confesses to Charles and Ethan that she was the one who planted drugs on Ethan. When Charles reveals the police are coming over to speak to Ethan later, Debbie pleads with Ethan to keep Sarah's name out of it, stating Sarah isn't a bad kid, she's just a fifteen-year-old who's been in and out of hospital her whole life. Marlon is curious about seeing Debbie and Al together yesterday. The Sharmas gather at the Hide for Meena's drinks do to formally introduce David to the family. Jai and Rishi use the opportunity to wind David up by suggesting Meena might be planning to propose. Sarah worries she'll be arrested. Meanwhile at Smithy Cottage, Charles urges Ethan not to drop Sarah in it. As they are talking, the police knock at the door. Marlon overhears Debbie on the phone to Al so questions what's going on between them. Debbie denies there's anything going on. As Marlon apologises, he lets slip about what happened between Chas and Al. A worried David asks Meena if she's going to propose. Meena questions why she'd do that when they've only just started dating. Afterward, Meena offers Laurel an alcoholic cocktail. When Jai states Laurel isn't drinking, Meena assumes Laurel's be pregnant so offers her her congratulations and asks when she's due. Laurel awkwardly explains she's actually in recovery. She takes a sip of her drink to diffuse the awkwardness only to discover it's alcoholic. Debbie summons Al to Jacobs Fold to confronts him about Chas and demands he starts talking. Al fears Debbie has found out about his relationship with Priya and is relieved to learn she's actually talking about Chas. Dressed as Stan Laurel, Marlon surprises Rhona with a bouquet of flowers and asks her to give their date another shot. Rhona agrees on the condition that they keep quiet about the change in their relationship until they've worked things out. Back at Mulberry Cottage, Jai reminds Laurel she didn't lapse as she didn't choose to drink. He soon realises Laurel's upset is more to do with Meena thinking she's was pregnant and suggests they talk about things. Ethan finds Sarah in the café and informs her the police have closed the case and dropped the charges against him due to lack of evidence. Sarah is relieved Ethan kept her name out of it but questions why. Ethan explains there was nothing to gain from putting her future at risk. Sarah profusely apologises but Ethan doesn't want an apology, he wants change, and he might be getting it because the police are taking his compliant of racial profiling seriously and PC Pierce's conduct is being investigated. Laurel admits to Jai that she's been struggling due to the termination but she didn't want to say anything as he might think they made the wrong choice. She explains she knows they made the right decision for them but it doesn't stop her lying awake at night feeling empty. Jai knows exactly how Laurel feels. He tell Laurel it's grief but Laurel still doesn't believe she has a right to grieve. Jai is glad they're talking at last and assures Laurel they'll get through this. Al tries to persuade Debbie to return to Scotland but his argument has the opposite effect and instead leads Debbie to decide to tell her family about their relationship tomorrow...


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