Nate hopes he and Debbie can put the past behind them and get to know each other but a hostile Debbie refuses. Afterward, an apprehensive Al asks Debbie if she's still planning to tell her family about their relationship. Debbie states she is, starting with Sarah tonight. Paddy gives Marlon the day off work and also offers to look after April and Leo so Marlon and Rhona can finally go on their date. Kim continues to flirt with Will. Charles suggests Sarah helps out at the church youth club he's setting up as her penance for what happened with Ethan and the drugs. Afterward, Sarah receives a text from Danny. It's Lucas' birthday and Dawn is holding a small party for him at the HOP after school. Kim is impressed when Gabby goes above and beyond to help out at the HOP. Will and Kim continue to flirt in front of Harriet leaving the increasingly volatile vicar upset and uncomfortable. Debbie wants to know exactly what happened between Chas and Al but Chas isn't happy about the past being dragged up. Paul ignores a call from fellow gambler Connor. Marlon and Rhona meet at Smithy Cottage for their date but Rhona soon begins to worry if she and Marlon can move their relationship forward as they are such good friends. Chas opens up to Debbie about what happened with Al but states it's history. At the same time, Priya and Andrea plan Priya and Al's wedding. When Ellis pops into the pub for a drink, Priya shoos him away so he doesn't see any of the plans. Debbie assumes Priya is marrying Ellis and comments she didn't think Ellis was Priya's type. She is left shell shocked when Chas reveals Priya is actually marrying Al. Marlon and Rhona have no idea how to act on their date. When Marlon starts blabbering on, Rhona demands he shuts up and kisses her. Dawn and Will worry as Harriet is taking a long time to pick up Lucas. Jai informs Lucas he's booked a video counselling session for them. Laurel thanks Jai for having her back. Al panics when Ellis mentions Priya and Andrea are wedding planning in the pub so he texts Debbie to find out where she is. After receiving the text, a furious Debbie storms over to the Take A Vow office where she informs Priya that Al has been seeing them both...


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