Priya refuses to believe Al's cheating on her but is forced to face the truth when Debbie produces photographic evidence. Meanwhile at the HOP, Ellis starts planning Al's stag-do whilst Al nervously stares at his phone waiting for Debbie's response. Harriet still hasn't returned from picking Lucas and Dawn is so worried she's considering calling the police. When Harriet finally appears, she lies she's late as she lost her car keys in a shop. Chas and Paddy are still on a high from their honeymoon. When Paddy comments it feels different being married, Mandy wonders if she should propose to Paul. Connor turns up at the scrapyard looking for the money Paul owes him. When Paul explains he's on a losing streak and has no money, Connor threatens to tell Mandy about their arrangement unless he gets the money he's owed. Back at Jacobs Fold, a heartbroken Priya questions how Al could do this to her as she thought they were happy. Debbie wonders the same. Priya asks Debbie if she loves Al. Debbie states she did until about an hour ago. Afterward, Priya asks Debbie to tell her every last sordid of her relationship with Al. Will and Kim continue to flirt in front of an increasingly agitated Harriet. Whilst Kim takes a phone call, Will has a go at Harriet for being late bringing Lucas back. When Dawn walks in on the pair arguing, Harriet informs her Will is sleeping with Kim. Will denies there's anything going on between him and Kim, but tells Harriet that even if there was, it has nothing to do with her. Rhona and Marlon's date is going well and Marlon suggests they head upstairs but Rhona is nervous as it's a long time since they slept together. Marlon calms her fears then the couple head upstairs. Debbie tells Priya all about her relationship with Al, including how they even started looking at houses together in Scotland. Priya realises Al has lied about everything. Dawn asks Harriet if Lucas was okay when she picked him up as he seems quiet. Harriet tells Dawn he's fine and orders her to stop worrying. Dawn states Lucas is her entire world, vowing that from now on, everything is going to be about him as she doesn't know what she'd do if she lost him again. Priya and Debbie compare notes and realise Al used the same lines on both of them. When Priya begins to cry, Debbie tells her Al isn't worth it. Danny finds Sarah in the pub and suggest they go and have some fun. Whilst Dawn is out of the room, Harriet approaches Lucas and asks him to keep quiet about what happened in the department store. Lucas agrees in exchange for a toy tractor. Debbie believes Priya is going to forgive Al and refuses to let it happen so insists they're going to confront him together. Priya doesn't see the point in having it out with Al. Instead, she suggests they work together and come up with a plan to hit Al where it really hurts. They'll ruin him. Dismantle everything he has and everything he owns until he's left with nothing...


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