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Harriet apologises to Dawn for spoiling Lucas's birthday yesterday. She soon steers the conversation to Will's relationship with Kim but Dawn doesn't want to get involved. After Dawn leaves the house, Harriet grabs a bottle of alcohol despite the fact she's babysitting Lucas. Priya returns to Holdgate Farm after being out all night and immediately demands a bemused Al strip for her in the kitchen. Al does as she asks but Priya soon leaves again. Dawn finds Social Worker Eloise outside Woodbine Cottage. Dawn assumes Eloise is just there to check up on Lucas but it soon becomes clear there's more to her visit. Lydia and Mandy discuss Mandy's plans to propose to Paul. A furious Dawn storms into Woodbine Cottage and confronts a tipsy Harriet about losing Lucas in town yesterday. A defensive Harriet protests children wander and it could happen to anyone so Dawn questions why she lied and said she was late as she lost her car keys then. Whilst Eloise heads upstairs to speak with Lucas, Dawn asks Harriet if she was drunk yesterday. When Harriet admits she had one glass, a disgusted Dawn realises Harriet drove under the influence with Lucas in the car. Rhona calls Marlon over to Smithy Cottage and asks him if he has any regrets about yesterday. Marlon doesn't. At Home Farm, Kim grabs a bottle of bubbly and suggests she and Will head up to her bedroom. Will follows her upstairs, unaware a panicked Dawn is trying to get hold of him. Lucas has told Eloise all about the recent upheaval at Woodbine Cottage, leading the social worker to quiz Dawn about how long she was away for. Dawn claims it wasn't long and questions why it matters as it's Harriet she's investigating, not her. Eloise states it matters as she's left Lucas with Harriet as his sole carer several times and she doesn't seem to be coping. At Jacobs Fold, Al asks Debbie if she's said anything about them to her family. Al is relieved when Debbie states she hasn't and manages to persuade her to keep their relationship quiet for longer. Dawn fears she'll never be able to keep Lucas now. Connor pays Paul another visit and demands the money he owes him. Paul doesn't have it so Connor again threatens to tell Mandy about his gambling. A desperate Paul promises he'll get what he owes him by the end of the day but Connor wants £200 a week on top of that to keep quiet about his gambling addiction. Eloise interrupts an argument between Dawn and drunken Harriet and informs them she has serious concerns about Lucas' welfare. When a surly Harriet reminds Eloise she has no authority to do anything about it, Eloise decides to involve the police. Paul wins £150 on a horse race and immediately calls Connor to tell him about the money but it's not enough. Vinny overhears the phone call and is disgusted with his father. Over a glass of wine, Debbie asks Priya if she slept with Al last night. Priya states she stayed at a hotel but she doesn't know what she's going to do tonight. Debbie states they need to destroy Al's business and take all his money. Priya is onboard. Eloise removes Lucas from Dawn's care. Dawn can't believe this is happening and that she's being punished when she's done nothing wrong.


Regular cast

Guest cast

  • Eloise - Katrina Bryan
  • Connor Cooper - Danny Cummingham


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