Mandy orders Paul to meet her in the pub at lunchtime as there's something she needs to ask him. Unaware of Mandy's plans to propose, Paul fears she's found out about his gambling. At Woodbine Cottage, a dejected Dawn packs up Lucas' belongings. When Harriet comes downstairs, Dawn informs her social services will want to speak to her and requests she stays sober for the assessment. Al asks Priya why she didn't come to bed last night. Priya lies that Amba wasn't feeling well so she slept in her room. Afterward, Al complains about receiving a paper invoice. Seeing an opportunity to gain access to Al's passwords, Priya offers to input the details into the system for him but Al insists he'll do it himself. Zak and Jack return from Scotland to a frosty atmosphere between Charity and Debbie. Debbie can't stand the thought of living with Charity so tells her mother that she and Noah need to move back to the pub. Moira asks Nate to do a shift at Butlers Farm. Debbie spots the pair talking and has a go at them. Will feels guilty that he was sleeping with Kim whilst Dawn was dealing with the police, social services, and a drunken Harriet. Paul chases Vinny down Main Street and asks him if he told Mandy about his gambling as she's acting strangely. Vinny states he hasn't but declares that time's up - either Paul tells Mandy or he does. When the pair enter the pub, they find the place empty except for a red curtain. Suddenly, a light turns on Mandy starts singing a rendition of You're the One That I Want much to Paul and Vinny's bewilderment. When the song comes to an end, Mandy gets down on one knee and asks Paul to marry her. A less than enthusiastic Paul says yes. Whilst Mandy celebrates, Paul asks Vinny outside so they can talk. Tracy is still uncomfortable with Nate working with Moira; Nate tells her she's being paranoid. Debbie meets up with Priya and asks her if she's gotten anywhere with finding out Al's passwords. When Priya states she hasn't, Debbie orders her to try harder. Dawn fills Will in on her meeting with social services and how all they could talk about was Harriet. Harriet interrupts their conversation and informs them she's decided to move out of Woodbine Cottage before she causes anymore damage. Paul and Vinny talk outside Mill Cottage. When Vinny questions if Paul lied about having epilepsy like he's lied about everything else, Paul loses his temper and begins throwing garden furniture around. He hurls a trellis at Vinny, then when Vinny falls to the ground, he begins violently kicking his son in the abdomen. After the beating is over, Paul apologises but excuses his actions by telling Vinny he pushed him to it. As Paul rights the upturned furniture, he promises Vinny he'll tell Mandy everything tomorrow.


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